Publications (2016)

Year: 2016
Journal publications
Irradiance prediction intervals for PV stochastic generation in microgrid applications
E. Scolari, F. Sossan, M. Paolone
Solar Energy, 139.
Grey-box modelling of a household refrigeration unit using time series data in application to demand side management
F. Sossan, V. Lakshmanan, G. T. Costanzo, M. Marinelli, P. J. Douglass, H. Bindner
Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 5.
Achieving the dispatchability of distribution feeders through prosumers data driven forecasting and model predictive control of electrochemical storage
F. Sossan, E. Namor, R. Cherkaoui, M. Paolone
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 7(4):1762–1777.
Conference publications
Assessment of battery ageing and implementation of an ageing aware control strategy for a load leveling application of a lithium titanate battery energy storage system
E. Namor, D. Torregrossa, F. Sossan, R. Cherkaoui, M. Paolone
In 2016 IEEE 17th Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL). IEEE.
Load leveling and dispatchability of a medium voltage active feeder through battery energy storage systems: Formulation of the control problem and experimental validation
E. Namor, F. Sossan, R. Cherkaoui, M. Paolone
2016 IEEE International Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT). IEEE.
Integration and operation of utility-scale battery energy storage systems: the EPFL’s experience
F. Sossan, M. Paolone
In 2016 IFAC Workshop on Control of Transmission and Distribution Smart Grids (CTDSG).
Large scale deployment of PV units in existing distribution networks: Optimization of the installation layout
F. Sossan, J. Darulova, M. Paolone, A. Kahl, S. J. Bartlett, M. Lehning
In 2016 Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC).