Shared resources

Freely available software codes and data from papers I have authored or co-authored.
Disaggregation of PV generation from composite power flow measurements

Interested in estimating (unobserved) PV generation from power consumption measurements of prosumers? If yes, then you might want to try this algorithm (from this paper) that uses irradiance measurements and transposition models to explain possible PV generation patterns.

IEEE 39-bus system for OPAL-RT

A detailed model for dynamic power grid studies in low-inertia settings with hydropower and wind generation, and energy storage. Credit to Yihui Zuo, the main developer. More info in this publication.

Estimated PV hosting capacity for all Swiss medium voltage grids (and their topologies)

What is the PV hosting capacity of the existing MV infrastructure? And, how much energy storage do we need to extend it? Estimates for Switzerland are available in this data set. The paper (a prime in this domain) is here. Estimated network topologies and cable properties are available here. Credit to Rahul Gupta, who developed the code.

Benchmark dataset for hierarchical forecasting of the power demand

Dataset including hierarchical measurements of the active and reactive power flows, nodal voltages and line currents from a distribution grids. Used to test hierarchical forecasting algorithms for the electrical power demand in this paper.

Production time series for 4 PV plants

Three months of production time series from four distributed rooftop PV power plants collected at EPFL. Details and metadata available at the link. Data were collected when working on this paper here.