Publications (2022)

Year: 2022
Journal publications
Identification and quantification of the flexibility potential of a complex industrial process for ancillary services provision
S. Ledur, R. Molinier, F. Sossan, J. C. Alais, M. D. E. A. Faris, G. Kariniotakis
Electric Power Systems Research, 212, 108396.
Optimal planning of single-port and multi-port charging stations for electric vehicles in medium voltage distribution networks
B. Mukherjee, F. Sossan
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.
Model Predictive Control for a Medium-head Hydropower Plant Hybridized with Battery Energy Storage to Reduce Penstock Fatigue
S. Cassano, F. Sossan
Electric Power Systems Research, 213, 108545.
Model-less Robust Voltage Control in Active Distribution Networks using Sensitivity Coefficients Estimated from Measurements
R. Gupta, F. Sossan, M. Paolone
Electric Power Systems Research/Power Systems Computation Conference (Accepted).
Stress-informed Control of Medium- and High-head Hydropower Plants to Reduce Penstock Fatigue
S. Cassano, F. Sossan
Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 31, 100688.
Conference publications