Research projects

This page lists the research projects where I have contributed significantly to the development of the proposal and I am principal investigator for my institution.
XFLEX-HYDRO - Extending hydrpower flexibility Gathering 19 European academic and industrial partners, this H2020 innovation action will research and demonstrate technologies to improve the flexibility of hydropower stations and support the energy transition. My role is to investigate the control of combined hydropower and batteries to reduce the wear and tear of the mechanical components and increase the regulation capability. The total project budget is €15 million.
Optimization of Regional Infrastructures for the Transition to Electric and Connected Autonomous Vehicles Four European research partners will investigate the implications of autonomous mobility for urban planning and power grids in this project supported by the Smart Energy Systems program of ERA-NET. I am leader of work package 4, that will study the impact of autonomous electric vehicles on existing power distribution grids, considering both operational and grid planning aspects. The total project budget is €1 million.